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MTS //
Milano Tattoo School

Leader in Italy for professional tattoo and piercing training.

MTS is accredited by the region of Lombardy and is the first school in Italy to offer training courses and support services for the development and certification of skills for professional tattooists and piercers.

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Professional workshops

Your gateway to a career as a professional tattoo artist or piercer

Tattoo and Piercing Courses

Training courses to improve your professional skills, acquire knowledge about tools and refine your tattooing and piercing techniques, with the best Italian tattoo and piercing teachers.

Artistic Training

Training courses to develop your technical and creative skills and consolidate your training history, with the aim of helping you to design and produce tattoos.

Workshops and Seminars

Advanced courses to stay up-to-date and broaden your knowledge of tattooing styles and techniques and the latest trends from around the world, working closely with professional artists.

Refresher Courses

Mandatory courses that
all tattoo artists
must carry out in order to
continue practising their profession in compliance with the law.

// Reviews

"An experience that introduced me to the world of tattooing comprehensively. Knowledgeable instructors and tattoo artists, they really excel!!! Thank you, guys (Great Dimitri)"
Mirko Bongio
"Thank you so much to the entire staff!! You are amazing!!! Lots of expertise and professionalism, and a willingness to share your knowledge, precious gems for a newbie like me. I'm so happy to have done the full course, and I absolutely recommend it. Thanks to everyone's advice, every day you grow and acquire skills, essential for the final result!! Thanks, I already miss you!"
Elisabetta Bentivogli
"A special thanks to all the instructors who guided me and the students in my course! Professional, skilled, helpful, and all very nice 🙂 You guys are legendary, you've helped make my dream come true, thank you!"
Ilaria Maddè
"Thank you so much for everything! Fantastic experience, incredibly available and professional instructors. I'd like to give special thanks to Martin and Marco for teaching me so much during these 30 hours of practice. I'm really happy with what I've managed to learn. Matteo and Yve, I adore you. I will really miss you a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Sara Learn

// Articles

From small tattoo studio to wide-ranging school of art

Our story began in Milan in 2004 with Dimitri Daleno, a trailblazer in Italian piercing, and Katia Polastri, a budding tattoo artist.

What followed is a story of successes, achievements and evolution that, in less than 20 years, have led to the creation of the most important school of art specialising in tattoo and piercings skills and the leading tattoo and piercing studio in Milan.

Dimitri and Katia are the living example of how with grit and passion you can grow from a small tattoo studio to something extraordinary!

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