// Our History

From small tattoo studio
to leading school of art.

Passion, Vision, Talent.

Our story began in Milan in 2004 with Dimitri Daleno, a pioneer in Italian piercing, and Katia Polastri, a novice tattoo artist.

Their vocation for these new contemporary art forms, combined with their passion, talent and desire to succeed, led them to create the tattoo and piercing studio Officina Tattoo.

A small studio that immediately made a name for itself for its professionalism and high-quality results and soon became a showcase and stage for some of the most important artists on the world stage.

Word of mouth quickly spread and the list of customers seeking an appointment skyrocketed, allowing Officina Tattoo to expand its location and enlarge its team: first with a new 130 square metre venue, then another 130 square metre expansion and, at the same time, the addition of new professionals to join the team of trusted and established artists.

The turning point came between 2010 and 2011, when the Lombardy Region officially recognised the art of tattooing as a genuine profession.

For the first time in history, a training course was created for tattoo artists and piercers and Dimitri was invited to help define the relevant professional profile.

This commitment to training marked a new direction and influenced Dimitri and Katia in founding the MILANO TATTOO SCHOOL, alongside their tattoo and piercing studio and with the support of accredited schools.

This story reflects a fruitful and pioneering track record that convinced Dimitri and Katia to found a school of their own: M.T.S. Srl.

Starting out as a small centre, it was quickly replaced by a larger school.

The idea was to offer all students the opportunity to learn from hands-on practice, an essential prerequisite for working in this magnificent trade, all while respecting the necessary health and hygiene regulations.

In 2021, a decision was taken to extend the training course from 94 hours to 1500 hours, heralding the beginning of a new chapter: a new 1500 square metre building was opened with state-of-the-art equipment and classrooms for teaching, tattooing and piercing practice and design, break areas and outdoor spaces, along with renowned teaching staff consisting of experienced and trained professionals.

We strongly believe that in order to become a tattoo artist or piercer you need to attend a specially-designed training course.

For this reason, we developed a richly detailed course, full of new subjects, creating a genuine learning space for future tattooists and piercers.

Today, we are the most important school of art specialised in tattoo and piercing training and the leading tattoo and piercing studio in Milan with internationally renowned artists and collaborations with more than 100 studios in the Lombardy region, with constant growth and in total synergy with our training facilities.

Dimitri and Katia are the living example of how you can grow from a small tattoo studio with grit and passion for what you believe in!

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