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Refresher Course for tattooists and piercers (24 HOURS)

For info and Registration:
[email protected]
Tel. 0249454797
Whatsapp 3516885201

A course that is required by law (Lombardy Region – 23 July 2021, no. 13) that all tattoo and piercing practitioners must complete every three years in order to continue working in compliance with the applicable regulations.

The course will be held no later than July 2024

Duration: 24 Hours
Price: 250 €
Price for affiliated studios: 220 €

The program includes:
  • Workplace Safety 8 hours (course with certificate)
  • Legal Aspects 2 hours (new directives and laws, including privacy)
  • Equipment 2 hours (lesson with a manufacturer to see the innovations)
  • Environmental Requirements 3 hours (new directives on studies and spaces)
  • Color Chemistry 3 hours (new reach regulations)
  • Biological Risk 2 hours
  • Social and Marketing 4 hours

Refresher Course For Tattooists and Piercers + First Aid Course (32 HOURS)

For info and Registration:
[email protected]
Tel. 0249454797
Whatsapp 3516885201

// Available soon // Ask for informations

As an alternative to the standard 24-hour Refresher Course (compulsory by law and to be completed every three years), the Milano Tattoo School offers the possibility of attending a 32-hour course if your first aid course has expired and you therefore have to attend the entire 12-hour course.

The course will take place by July 2024

Duration: 32 Hours
Price: 350 €
Price for affiliated studios: 320 €

The program includes:
  • First aid course: 12 hours
  • Workplace safety: 4 hours (basic course with a certificate)
  • Legal aspects: 2 hours (covering new directives and laws, including privacy)
  • Equipment: 2 hours (a lesson with a cartridge manufacturer on features and assembly/disassembly of the pen while adhering to hygiene and health regulations)
  • Environmental requirements: 2 hours (covering new directives for studios and spaces)
  • Color chemistry: 2 hours (exploring new REACH regulations)
  • Biological risk: 2 hours
  • Tattoo first aid, care, and post-tattoo: 2 hours
  • Marketing: 4 hours


For info and Registration:
[email protected]
Tel. 0249454797
Whatsapp 3516885201

// Available soon // Ask for informations

The B-C group first aid training course is a legal requirement defined by Legislative Decree 81/08.

The aim of the training is to provide essential theoretical and practical knowledge and tools to fulfill the company’s first aid obligations for group B and group C.

12-hour Course: €160
12-hour Course for affiliated studios’ owners: €120

The program includes:

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Teaching Method: In-person
  • Renewal: Mandatory every 3 years
  • Tutor: You will be personally guided from purchase to course completion
  • Valid Nationwide: Recognized under Legislative Decree 81/08
  • Final Exam (with the possibility of retaking)
  • Certificate of Participation
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