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Advanced courses to stay up-to-date and expand your knowledge of tattooing styles and techniques and the latest trends from around the world, working closely alongside professional artists.


with Luca Barcellona.

A series of 4 single-subject workshops at our premises, with the possibility of online/remote participation, to enhance your decorative letting technique, focusing on the design of individual letters.

The workshop series enables students to develop their dexterity and make their work unique by creating a recognisable ‘trademark’.

Date: september 23
Duration: 4 sessions of 12 hours each

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with Luca Barcellona.

The first edition of a series exploring calligraphy that will delve into the complex world of serifs, spacing and characters with Luca Barcellona, a talented and respected professional. An exciting opportunity for artists aiming to include calligraphy and lettering in all its forms in their portfolio.

Date: June 2023
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 400€

Gilberta Vita

Cerco, capisco, mi informo e provo. Da quando ho provato ho capito che dovevo andare avanti, andare oltre.

Tel. 0249454797
WhatsApp 3516885201
Mail: [email protected]

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Black Prada

Black Prada’s debut Italian workshop: Madrid-based, child of the 90s – Black Prada made his way into the world of tattooing following in the footsteps of his teacher Dekalcomanu.

whatsapp 3516885201
[email protected]

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