Tattoo School: Mandatory 1500-Hour Courses to Become a Professional in the Field

If you’re passionate about body art and aspire to become a professional in the field, it’s essential to undergo proper training.

Thanks to a recent decree issued by the Lombardy Region, tattoo and piercing training courses now require a mandatory minimum duration of 1500 hours.

In this article, we’ll introduce our tattoo school and the mandatory 1500-hour courses we offer to become a professional tattoo artist or piercer.

Our Tattoo and Piercing School

Our tattoo and piercing school specializes in training professional tattoo artists and piercers. We offer high-quality courses led by experienced and qualified instructors who will provide all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful professional.

Furthermore, our school complies with the latest regional regulations regarding the training of these professions.

Duration of the Mandatory 1500-Hour Courses

The recent regional decree has stipulated that training courses for tattoo artists must have a duration of at least 1500 hours.

These hours are divided into 1000 hours of theoretical and practical lessons in the classroom and 500 hours of fieldwork and apprenticeship.

This is because it is crucial for tattoo artists and piercers to acquire all the necessary skills to practice their profession safely and efficiently.

Our school’s courses are designed to cover all aspects of tattooing and the piercing world, from theory to practice, from hygiene standards to tattoo design.

The skills acquired during the mandatory 1500-hour courses include:

  • Mastery of drawing and designing techniques for various tattoo styles.
  • Knowledge of hygiene and safety standards.
  • Effective communication with clients.
  • Managing one’s own business in the industry.

For the piercing course, we also cover the practical and theoretical aspects of performing commercial piercings.

The Advantages of Attending the Mandatory 1500-Hour Courses at Our Tattoo School

Attending the mandatory 1500-hour courses at our school will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Our courses are taught by experienced and qualified instructors who will guide you in your professional growth.

Additionally, our school complies with the latest regional regulations, ensuring that our students acquire all the necessary skills to become professional tattoo artists or piercers.

In conclusion, becoming a professional tattoo artist or piercer requires passion, dedication, and, above all, proper training.

Our tattoo school offers mandatory 1500-hour courses that will comprehensively prepare you to embark on a successful career in the world of body art.


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