‘Tattooing on Scars’: Gilberta Vita’s Workshop at MTS.

We are very pleased to announce that in October and November 2023, the Milan Tattoo & Piercing School will have the honor and pleasure of hosting Gilberta Vita for a workshop titled “Tattooing on Scars.”

The workshop will be divided into two parts: the first part will take place in October, while the second part will be held in November.

Gilberta Vita is a tattoo artist who creates poetic and fascinating skin art inspired by botany, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind tattoos.

After studying sculpture at the Brera Academy, she began to immerse herself in the world of art in all its facets.

She designed fashion, worked in design, furniture, and decoration, sculpted wax sculptures, delved into photography, fell in love with painting, and eventually found her true passion in the world of tattoos.

Her journey in the arts led her to the realization that painting is what she loves above all else, the passion that truly brings her to life.

“Then one morning, I woke up, told myself that this isn’t working, that I’m not in love with what I’m doing. I thought, reflected, and the answer came naturally: painting… I love to paint, I want to paint, I want to do it on the skin.”

She began tattooing, choosing themes such as nature, flowers, and leaves for her tattoos, exclusively drawing in color directly on the body, without using stencils.

“Only in this way can I listen to the bodies and draw them in harmony with themselves… It’s as if the chosen element of nature has been lifted by a gust of wind and has settled on the body, right where it is, ready to be sculpted.”

Gilberta Vita will bring her story, experience, and philosophy to our school for a workshop that will delve into scars and tattoos. Alongside her will be a dermatologist, a psychologist, and Katia Polastri, Founder and Director of the Milan Tattoo School, Head of Tattoo Instruction, and a tattoo artist specializing in a painterly-realistic style inspired by nature.

Please contact us for all the information regarding Gilberta Vita’s workshop.


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