Completed the Final Exams of the Tattoo Operator Course at Milano Tattoo School

In mid-July, Milano Tattoo School held the final exams for the Tattoo Operator Course.

After 1500 hours of training, including 1000 hours of lessons and 500 hours of internship, MTS students concluded their journey with 2 days of testing.

On Friday, June 16th, they took the written exam, which lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes, with questions covering all the subjects covered throughout the year, including virology, first aid, psychology, art history, hygiene and sanitation, privacy, etc.

On Monday, June 19th, it was time for the practical exam, which involved simulating a tattoo in a studio. After the training that took them through various tattoo styles, including practical demonstrations, paper exercises, iPad-assisted work, practice on synthetic skin, and application on real people, each student was tasked with preparing a project for a freehand-style tattoo to be applied on a person.

The practical part, which lasted for 8 hours and was supervised by experienced tattoo artists from our school, tested the students on the full spectrum of tattoo artist responsibilities:

  • Welcoming the client
  • Completing mandatory forms
  • Setting up the workstation
  • Creating stencils
  • Tattooing while adhering to all hygiene and health regulations
  • Dismantling the workstation

Tattoo aftercare Each student was evaluated on both the written and practical components. All MTS teachers provided their assessments over the 2 days of exams, as well as the entire 1500-hour journey.

As a result, the students obtained certification from the Lombardy Region as Professional Tattoo Operators, allowing them to embark on successful careers.

These 2 days brought anxiety and fear to our students but also a great deal of focus, courage, and happiness for achieving this milestone.

There was also a hint of nostalgia as their wonderful journey at MTS came to an end.


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