After 2 days of exams, the 1500-hour Tattoo Course has come to an end.

A long journey that has led to the training of new professionals in the field who are ready to work in a studio.

One of our students wanted to share the experience of her year of growth at Milano Tattoo School.

A school, an academy, a family that together helps students grow and become professionals.

𝑬  𝑿  𝑨  𝑴  𝑫  𝑨  𝒀 :

НС ΠΏΠ»Π°Ρ‡ΡŒ / Don’t cry

It’s the end of a journey that didn’t seem to end.

First and foremost, I thank myself, of course, for all the sacrifices and goals achieved.

In this academic year, Milano Tattoo School has taught me so much.

It taught me that true friends can be counted on one hand and that the people we can truly rely on are ourselves.

It taught me to take risks, to push harder, to never give up even when I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

It taught me that learning never stops, that those I thought were my friends didn’t provide the support I hoped for, and that those I didn’t recognize as friends did more than expected.

To Federica, the first to support me when I chose this path and to stand by me in every decision.

To my parents, my anchor of salvation.

To Matteo, who became more than a fellow student, a trusted friend. I will never forget your words of support in all my moments of despair.

To Giorgia, a chosen sister, who knew from the beginning that I would make it.

To Silvia, whom I couldn’t stand at first, but over time, if she wasn’t in the room, I felt lost. Thank you for helping me grow.

To Andrea, who introduced me to Love, a feeling I had forgotten for a long time, and who was there for me at the end of this journey.

To all the professors who made all of this possible.

To those who got tattooed by me, trusting me completely, you filled my heart.

To those who didn’t support me and obstructed me because it only made me want to challenge myself even more.

One thank you is not enough, but now it’s enough, or else I’ll start crying.



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