A complete course for tattoo artists that guarantees qualification to carry out tattoos independently with a Professional Certification accredited by the Lombardy Region valid throughout Italy and Europe.

The course provides certification for tattooing, with the issuance of the Professional Certification from the Lombardy Region as a Tattoo Operator, valid throughout Italy and at the European level.

DURATION: 1,500 hours

PRICE: 8.497€



FULL-TIME COURSE: Monday to Saturday: 8:30-17:30

PART-TIME COURSE (MORNING): Monday to Saturday: 8:30-14:30

PART-TIME COURSE (AFTERNOON): Monday to Saturday: 15:00-21:00

EVENING COURSE: work in progress

Milan Tattoo School: Excellence in Tattoo Training

When it comes to learning the art of tattooing, the choice of the right school can make the difference between an ordinary career and putting yourself on the path towards success and mastery.

The Milano Tattoo School stands out among other academies thanks to a unique combination of experience, its variety of tattoo styles, innovative teaching methods and networking opportunities.

Why choose to study at the Milano Tattoo School

The Milano Tattoo School boasts an exceptional team of twenty expert tattoo artists, with over twenty years of experience in the art of tattooing and tattoo training. Our passionate and competent teachers share their specialised knowledge, providing students with a high-level education that goes beyond the basic skills.

The school offers a progressive approach to learning, allowing students to become familiar with fundamental techniques before diving into specific tattoo styles. From lines to fills, from shades to colours, students receive a solid foundation that prepares them to tackle styles such as: old school, ornamental, lettering, watercolour, realistic, Japanese and fine line. For each style students are supported by a specialised teacher who guides them through practical demonstrations, exercises on paper and on iPads (provided by the school), practice on synthetic skin and a tattoo project on a real person. (… and finally the project tattooed on a person).

Throughout the learning process, students are assisted by the academy’s teachers and assistants, ensuring one-to-one attention and a learning environment that is welcoming and collaborative. In addition to the support of our staff, the school provides all the necessary materials for tattoo classes, including three types of tattoo machines (coils, rotary machines and tattoo pens), ensuring that students are well prepared for the various artistic challenges and techniques ahead of them. The variety of equipment available will help students find their way in the world of tattooing and make full use of their skills.

To enrich the students’ learning experience, the Milano Tattoo School organises workshops with internationally renowned tattoo artists. In addition, the academy offers sessions focusing on drawing, lettering and calligraphy with Luca Barcellona, an authority in the field. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in creative workshops, such as graffiti art, with leading figures in the field. These collaborations and workshops broaden students’ artistic skills and bring them closer to established professionals in the field of tattooing.

The Milano Tattoo School has well-established partnerships with over 400 tattoo studios throughout Italy. This gives students access to internship opportunities at studios in Lombardy, opening doors to the real world of tattooing. The academy equips its students to face the challenges of the labour market, providing them with the practical experience they need to launch their professional careers.

The Milano Tattoo School is an unrivalled choice for anyone who wishes to become a professional tattoo artist. Thanks to the experience of its instructors, the variety of tattoo styles offered, innovative teaching methods, and networking opportunities, the school positions itself as a leader in the field of artistic tattoo education. If you desire comprehensive education, a supportive environment, and the opportunity to connect with the top professionals in the industry, the Milano Tattoo School is the ideal choice to fulfill your artistic dreams in the world of tattooing.


DURATION: 1500 hours
PRICE: €8497

The Milano Tattoo School ISSUES the CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE as a tattoo operator valid at EUROPEAN LEVEL upon passing the final exam (as required by Regional Law n.13 of 23 July 2021) of the 1500-hour tattoo artist course.


  • First aid certificate
  • Certificate of Occupational Safety

M.T.S. is accredited by the Lombardy Region. It has decades of experience and is the most important reference point in Italy in training and support services to develop and certify all the skills needed to work as a professional tattooist or piercer.
The new provisions regulated by Regional Law n.13 of 23 July 2021 define the professional figure of the Tattoo Operator and establish that to practice the profession, tattoo artists must attend a  course and pass an exam. The training course lasts 1500 hours and issues a Regional Certification recognized throughout the national and European territory.

The admission requirements for the course are:

  • 18 years

secondary school diploma (middle school)

For foreign citizens:

  • 18 years of age
  • Italian language entrance test (speaking and writing)
  • Certificate of equivalence of education

Objectives of the 1500 hour “Tattoo Operator” course for tattoo artists

The main objective of the Milano Tattoo School is to train tattoo professionals who are able to convey their passion and their art in a competent and professional manner, with the aim of satisfying the customer’s requests.

Milano Tattoo School employs a staff of experts in the field of training, skilled tattoo masters, professionals from the OFFICINA TATTOO team, a tattoo and piercing studio, known and appreciated in the sector, which currently has among its staff 40 Tattoo artists of the world panorama, and collaborates with 7 other studios on the Milanese scene in continuous synergy and evolution with the school’s training program.

Our goal is to convey to students the love and passion for a job finally recognized as a true profession of an artistic nature in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations.

Our students will learn all the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to manage and carry out their future profession independently: from relational aspects to mastery of social media, from studio management to the creation of the tattoo for customer satisfaction and personal and personal fulfillment. professional.

Our path, developed through the use of advanced technologies, innovative teaching, high quality equipment and laboratories, will allow you to grow and emerge in the tattoo scene, giving you the fundamental tools for entering the job market.


The course will be divided into the following modules, spread out over theoretical and practical sessions:

  1. Anthropology of Tattoos and Body Modifications
  2. Art History
  3. Greeting Customers
  4. Sales Techniques
  5. Psychology
  6. Communication
  7. Paperwork and Privacy
  8. Shop Management
  9. English
  10. Legal Aspects
  11. Environmental Requirements
  12. Foundations of Accounting
  13. Dermatology and Microbiology
  14. Biohazards
  15. Waste Disposal
  16. Workplace Safety
  17. Colour Chemistry
  18. Design
  19. Procreate
  20. Photoshop
  21. Artistic Anatomy
  22. Tattoo Styles
  23. Freehand Techniques
  24. Stencil Application Techniques
  25. Equipment
  26. Safety techniques according to hygienic prophylaxis
  27. Tattoo on synthetic skin
  28. Tattooing on models

Skills developed

The training course develops all the skills of the tattoo artist, divided into knowledge and skills, which are:

Greeting and supporting customers and handling requests
Organising and maintaining your work environment, equipment and procedures in compliance with health, hygiene and environmental protection standards
Organising and collaborating in the management of a business
Identifying the type of tattoo to be performed based on the client’s needs and characteristics and current aesthetic
Tattooing in compliance with hygiene and prevention standards


Our staff consists of high-profile training experts, tutors, professional tattoo artists and piercers, psychologists, doctors, biologists, legal and tax experts, graphic and web designers, English language teachers, communication and social experts, equipment and pigment experts, and security and privacy experts.

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