Piercing Course

A complete course that leads students to learn all the necessary knowledge and skills and to have all the fundamental tools to be able to enter the job market and independently manage and carry out their future profession as a piercing operator.

The course guarantees the qualification for the creation of piercings with the release of the Professional Certification accredited by the Lombardy Region of Piercing Operator valid throughout Italy and at European level.

DURATION: 1,500 hours

PRICE: 7.497€



ATTENDANCE: from monday to friday: 8.30-14.30

Excellence in the World of Piercing

In the vast panorama of piercing schools, there is a place where art and precision come together to craft unique creations with the human body. That place is the Milano Tattoo School, which stands out as an institution for its excellence in piercing training.

Our school is the best choice for those who wish to learn the art of piercing and turn it into a successful career.

Why choose to study at the Milano Tattoo School

At the Milano Tattoo School, you will have the opportunity to learn from expert teachers and professionals in the field of piercing. Under the guidance by Dimitri Daleno, a world-renowned piercer with almost 30 years’ experience, the classes will be held by six piercing masters with proven experience. These professionals will guide you through a learning journey that will enable you to master the techniques for all types of piercings and develop a thorough understanding of the foundations of piercing, the equipment and jewellery.

The Milano Tattoo School offers comprehensive training covering a wide variety of piercings. Students will have the opportunity to attend practical demonstrations performed by Dimitri himself, with the support of 3D animations that illustrate the details piercing techniques. Subsequently, students will have the opportunity to practise in person, marking and then performing the 38 piercings studied, including through the use of synthetic body parts to hone their piercing skills. In addition, the topics covered, such as sterilisation workshops, anodising piercing jewellery, gemology and goldsmithing round off the technical course, providing students with an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of piercing and teaching them precision and manual dexterity.

The Milano Tattoo School is proud to offer its students the opportunity to participate in workshops held by world-famous Piercers who collaborate with the academy. These unique experiences allow students to learn from the brightest minds in the industry, enhancing their knowledge and building on their artistic and technical skills. It is an unprecedented opportunity to enrich your education and enter into contact with the best professionals in the field.

The Milano Tattoo School has partnered with 400 piercing studios throughout Italy, guaranteeing internship opportunities and seamless entry into the world of work for its students. Thanks to this extensive network of contacts, students will have the opportunity to put their skills into practice and grow their career in the field of piercing as well as acquire the ability to forge effective customer relationships and manage various situations within the working environment.

The Milano Tattoo School represents an unparalleled choice for those who wish to become professionals in the world of tattooing and learn tattooing in a professional manner. Thanks to the experience of its instructors, the variety of tattoo styles offered, innovative teaching methods, and networking opportunities, the school positions itself as a leader in the field of artistic tattoo education. If you desire comprehensive education, a supportive environment, and the opportunity to connect with the top professionals in the industry, the Milano Tattoo School is the ideal choice to fulfill your artistic dreams in the world of tattooing.


The course will be divided into the following modules, spread out over theoretical and practical sessions:

  • History of Art and Body Modifications
  • Psychology and Customer Reception
  • Sales and Communication Techniques
  • Legal Aspects
  • Privacy and Paperwork
  • Shop Management
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Foundations of Accounting
  • Anatomy
  • Microbiology
  • Waste Disposal
  • Sterilisation and Storage
  • Piercing Hygiene
  • Piercing Care and Complications
  • First Aid
  • Security
  • Procreate
  • Gemology
  • Marketing
  • Equipment
  • Jewellery Management (changing and anodising jewellery)
  • Jewellery Workshop
  • Demonstration with Dimitri Daleno
  • Technical practice on synthetic silicone body parts
  • Technical practice on a human model



Italian citizens:

  • 18 years
  • secondary school diploma (middle school)

Foreign citizens:

  • 18 years of age
  • Italian language entrance test (speaking and writing)
  • Certificate of equivalence of education


  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE as piercing professional valid in EUROPE awarded after passing the final exam (as provided for by Regional Law no. 13 of 23 July 2021) of the 1500-hour piercing course
  • First aid certificate
  • Certificate of Occupational Safety


Greeting and supporting customers and handling requests
Organising and maintaining your work environment, equipment and procedures in compliance with health, hygiene and environmental protection standards
Organising and collaborating in the management of a business
Identifying the type of piercing to be performed based on the client’s needs and characteristics and current aesthetic styles
Perform the piercing in compliance with hygiene and prophylactic rules.


The school provides everything needed for theoretical and practical lessons. Students will only be required to bring drawing materials.


Our staff consists of high-profile training experts, tutors, professional tattoo artists and piercers, psychologists, doctors, biologists, legal and tax experts, graphic and web designers, English language teachers, communication and social experts, equipment and pigment experts, and security and privacy experts.


  • Being able to convey your art and passion for piercing in a competent and professional way
  • Being able to meet customer demands for piercings
  • Applying knowledge to perform piercings in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations
  • Building on the love and passion for a job that has finally been recognised as a true profession that is an art form in itself
  • Learning all the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to carry out piercings independently (ranging from relational aspects to mastering social networking, studio management and technical aspects of piercing, etc.)
  • Growing and establishing yourself in the piercing scene


The new provisions regulated by Regional Law No. 13 of 23 July 2021 have set forth a new professional definition for piercers.
The law establishes that in order to exercise this profession, piercers must attend a course and pass an examination. The training course has a duration of 1500 hours and successful attendees receive a Regional Certificate recognised throughout Italy and Europe.

M.T.S. is accredited by the Lombardy Region.

It has decades of experience and is the most important reference point in Italy in training and support services to develop and certify all the skills needed to work as a professional tattooist or piercer.

The Milano Tattoo School boasts a staff of expert teachers themselves skilled tattoo masters, professionals from the OFFICINA TATTOO team (tattoo and piercing studio) known and appreciated in the sector, which currently has 40 tattoo artists on its team from around the world and collaborates with 7 other studios on the Milan scene, in continuous synergy and evolution with the school’s training programme.

This course has been developed together with the use of advanced technologies, innovative teaching and high-quality equipment and laboratories, enabling you to grow and make a name for yourself in the piercing scene, and to acquire the fundamental tools to enter the job market.

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